Ayana Workman portrays Blue, in DOS WORLDS. 

Ayana Workman portrays Blue, in DOS WORLDS. 


Premiered in 2018

St. Paul's Chapel (NYC)/Trinity

209 Broadway, New York, NY 10007

Friday, February 9th, 2018 - 7pm

Saturday, February 10th, 2018 - 7pm

Sunday, February 11th, 2018 - 3pm

Directed: by Maya Milenovic Workman

Music: Reggie Workman, Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata

Director of Photography and Editing: Simon Yu

Trinity (NYC), Akasha Company (NYC) and Madlom (NJ) are pleased to present a World Premiere of the original intimate drama, Dos Worlds, written by Slovene-American writer/director Maya Milenovic Workman. Audiences at the Trinity Church's St. Paul’s Cathedral downtown New York (209 Broadway) will be spoiled and surprised as the Dos Worlds intimate drama
experiences it's long awaited world premiere.

'DOS WORLDS' Drama is drawn from the insight of the world, and it reveals a rejection and search for transcendent unity despite suffering caused by human selfishness. When heart and mind are connected strength is activated that can give a voice to those at the bottom. This project reunites Reggie Workman (Legendary Jazz Bassist) and former partner, Maya Milenovic Workman (director of MaDLOM (NJ) and Slovene/American writer/director/Choreographer, and actress Ayana Workman. Joining them is Mary Chang and Anthony Pearlman.

Blue (*Ayana Workman), is a young girl, who sells red roses, and was abused since age twelve. The Blind Pianist (*Anthony Pearlman) lost his sight due to an explosion. The two find themselves "caught" in a room with a piano, where Blue is continually haunted by the voice of her abuser (*Mary Chang). The play begins with Blue not wanting to lift her gaze and The Blind Pianist refusing to play the piano, but changes ensue throughout their journeys. Subjective emotions are born, Blue and the Blind Pianist denote a harrowing past and move forward, but what happens to the Voice?...

Maya Milenovic Workman says:
DOS WORLDS consists of images, words, and thoughts of a larger experience and reacting to behavioral intent of the humanity. Through ambivalent thought process based on poetic dialogue, we are explaining injustice, horror, deprivation of self and longing. The objective truth of the existence of humanity and positioning human subjectivity is a condition for the movement of the soul. Any change causes discomfort, but that can activate the connection between the heart and mind.

For More Information:

1. Dos Worlds is 4th work created by Maya Milenovic Workman since 2011 that deal with marginalization. (I Hear Wit My Eyes, Guernica Continuum, Virtual Truth -- all premiered in Slovenia)
2. Dos Worlds consists of stage and video part
3. Reggie Workman and Maya Milenovic Workman worked in past as a musician and dancer/writer and performed in Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Carnegie Recital Hall and downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn performing spaces.
4. In 1998 they created MADLOM (Montclair, NJ:
5. Performances are free of charge
6. Saturday and Sunday, Maya MW will teach workshops
7. "An exploration through movement, theater and sound of what
compassion and inclusiveness mean to us and each other."